Deployment Support for Children & Adolescents

The events of September 11, 2001 clearly changed the lives of Americans but few more so than the United States military and their families. As the United States and its allies continue to support the Global War on Terrorism, the secondary effects of prolonged war stress on military families and children are beginning to be recognized and characterized.

Many military children and adolescents receiving healthcare in pediatric and family practices across the country are bearing a complex psychosocial burden that may not be readily apparent. Emotionally connecting and engaging, youth centered, and preventative psychoeducational support is crucial to helping military youth during the stresses of wartime.

Unique, developmentally appropriate, triservice, youth deployment support resources have been collaboratively developed and studied and are becoming available to military youth, their families, and their care providers.

The AAP Military Youth Deployment Support Website has been designed to support military youth, families, and the youth serving professionals caring for this population. Please spend some time on the site to learn more about what military pediatricians and other youth serving professionals are doing to help military children and adolescents every day.

What Can Pediatricians do to Support Military Youth?

  1. Work to understand military youth culture
  2. Screen for deployment stress in youth
  3. Provide resources such as prevention and support
  4. Recognize and Respond